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Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring Laundry

Even though it is a chilly morning here in the northeastern mountains, we are so glad that it is spring.  It feels great to hang laundry outside once again.  When our dryer broke 5 years ago, I did not consider it a blessing.  With six children still at home---half of them being toddlers or preschoolers---I had no intention of doing away with a dryer.  However, out of necessity that day, I had my husband string up a makeshift clothesline so I could hang the wet laundry from the washing machine right away.  What I discovered was that hanging laundry outside in the warm sunshine and cool breeze with the sounds of a babbling brook, bleating goats, and chirping birds can be incredibly relaxing, especially when juxtaposed with the many noises of a house full of young children.  Now that much of my days are filled with transporting children to and from school, ballet lessons, judo classes, and track practice, it is tempting to just buy another clothes dryer, but I don't think I will.  Hanging laundry brings me a quiet pause in the day and a chance to bask in this mountain farming life.

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