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Friday, May 1, 2015

Loving Spring with Mountain Farm Animals

Here in the Allegheny Mountains, we have waited a long time for spring to arrive this year. 

 Our animals and I spent most of the day yesterday under the sun basking in the seventy degree temperatures. 

Our Queen of the Herd insists on being a part of every photograph.

The chickens have only emerged from the barn in the last month or so and are now scratching in every flower bed.  I'm not thrilled with the messes they create, but they are blessing us with free-range eggs.

 I did wear my Muck boots out in the pasture, but I left my pearls in the jewelry box since some of our goats are tempted to take a bite of them.  Here on the mountain farm, we are hoping for many more days like this one in the upcoming weeks.  How are you spending your spring days?

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