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Monday, May 4, 2015

Mountain Paths to Tranquility

Our mountain is finally beginning to turn green, and as I walk up the lane to our farmhouse, I am reminded of the feeling of serenity I experienced the first spring we were here.  After spending many years living in the suburbs on half acre lots with neighbors and traffic all around, I was astounded by the quiet, wide open spaces to which this country lane brought me.  I felt as if I could actually breathe more deeply and relax as a peace settled over me.  During the day, the only sounds were those made by nature, and they were sounds left unnoticed in the busy subdivisions we previously inhabited.  At night, my husband and I stood on the porch and looked up at the stars, which were brighter and more numerous than I had ever remembered.  We felt as if we were the only people for miles around.  I told my husband that it was impossible not to feel God's presence in a place such as this.  I now often get too busy with the many responsibilities of having a large family and a small farm, but as spring brings me out on our mountain paths again, I stop and take a deep breath and am filled with a sense of tranquility once more.

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