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Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Grand Finale: May Recitals

We spent the last day of May at our final recital of the school year.  Life with five children still at home means a myriad of activities and sports throughout the year, culminating with recitals and parties before summer break.  This month our family attended a choir performance, an art show, an instrumental recital, and finally, two dance recitals.  These were in addition to track, choir, and judo parties plus class field trips and field days. We now look forward to a relaxing summer where we spend our days barefoot in the dewy grass, wading in the creek, floating on a raft in the pool, making smores over a campfire, and just daydreaming under a summer sky.  For now, I won't think about the weeding, harvesting, canning, dehydrating, and mowing that will also occur in the next three months. Instead, I will focus on the slower pace of summer that refreshes me for another busy school year in the fall.

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