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Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Mornings at a Preppy Mountain Farm

Years ago, when we first began this farming adventure, and while we were still homeschooling all the younger children, someone asked me what our days look like.  Now that everyone is home on summer break, life feels much like it did then.  This is a glimpse into our summer mornings on a preppy mountain farm.

Walking barefoot in the dewy grass that always seems to need mowing.

Enjoying coffee and a look at the latest Country Living magazine on my porch rocker, which was a Mother's Day gift from Cracker Barrel last year.

Collecting eggs, which is now a daily egg hunt since the hens are currently free-ranging...

...and picking vegetables from the garden before it gets too hot and buggy.

Walking Tippy on one of our mountain paths.  I think she was waiting for me to join them.

Checking out growing fruit and hoping the apples will survive the chipmunk population this summer.

Playing a game of checkers or other board game on the front porch.  Note that painting our 3 porches is on the summer project to-do list this year.

I hate to admit that there is a little bit of electronic use too.

Minecraft, Age of Empires, and Pinterest are particularly popular in our house right now.

Sprucing up my middle aged feet with these cool footless beaded sandals made for me by my teenage daughter a few years ago at a summer camp.

I cherish these lazy mornings at home and fight the pressure to over-schedule our summer days with too many day trips, camps, lessons, sleepovers, or playdates.  There is some of that, of course, but I really hope our children grow up with memories of summer vacations filled with time to relax, to daydream, to even get a little bit bored.  I guess I want these summers while the children are still relatively young to feel as if they are occurring in slow motion.

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