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Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Preppy Touch to Farmhouse Gifts

This week my teen daughter and I put together some gifts from our farm and we dressed them up with just a wee bit of preppy style. 

  1. Peach Syrup: This is the peach chocolate mint jelly recipe we made last weekend that didn't gel.  It's delicious as a syrup however.  The recipe can be found here at one of my previous posts.  Although the peaches didn't come from our farm, the chocolate mint did, and the syrup was made with care by my husband.
  2. Dried Apples: These are from last year's harvest and were dehydrated in our Excalibur dehydrator.  We added some cinnamon to the jar and shook it up to add a delicious fragrance (and taste) when you open the lid.  Our apple trees are full of apples this year, and we're hopeful that we'll have a great crop for pies, apple crisp, and apple schnitz this fall.
  3. Dried Parsley Flakes: Dried in the dehydrator another year past from our herb garden.  This year's parsley got nibbled down to the ground---either by a rabbit or one of our goats when they found a way out of the pasture.  Believe it or not, we have a goat that can climb the fence stock panels like you climb a ladder!
  4. Peppermint Foot Powder: This is actually the same recipe as the carpet freshener I made back in April and can be found here.  Instead of using the lemongrass oil, we used 8 drops of pure peppermint essential oil.  This is excellent to use on your feet or to put in shoes, especially in the heat of summer.
We found the black and white paisley handkerchiefs for $1, so I didn't feel guilty for cutting circles into them to put on the top of the Mason jar lids.  I found the green ribbons in a drawer in my dry sink, and I really wish I'd had some preppy pink ones too.  Of course, our basement is always full of Mason jars, and gold mailing labels make the perfect labels for these farm gifts.  This was a fun hour for the two of us, especially when we were doing the photo shoot outside, and our Maine coon cat kept dashing around our display.  Now I'm on the lookout for preppy accessories to use as we head into fall and the holidays that are just around the corner.

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