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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Another Great School Year with L.L. Bean and Land's End

September is here, and our four youngest children have started a new school year with gear from L.L. Bean and most of their uniforms from Land's End.  We love these L.L. Bean thermal lunch boxes in colors that match their backpacks and their personalities.  They can hold a lot of items with a special pocket inside to carry an ice pack and a zippered front pouch for snacks or milk money.  They're still small enough, though, to fit inside their backpacks if they don't want to carry them.

We think L.L. Bean backpacks are the best.  With so many colors and prints to choose from, it's hard to decide which one to order.  Our family has found that these hold up better than any other bags we've purchased in the past.  They have all kinds of nifty pockets inside, and they are incredibly tough and durable.  They come in different sizes too for various age ranges.  Even though this floral one looks a little big on the back of our six year old, I know within a few years she'll need it for the binders and textbooks she'll be bringing home each afternoon.

Even though I prefer L.L. Bean, our eighth grade daughter wanted something more unique and suited for her personality.  She found this Candie's backpack at Kohl's.  It is cute, but it's a bit smaller than her younger siblings' packs, and I have my concerns that it won't hold all her homework and projects.  She assures me that it will be fine.  Notice the Champagne Sparkle hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works attached.  It's a must for her that every item matches, right down to her pink sparkle nail polish.

Our boy's uniforms are simple this year with white polo shirts and navy blue pants.  These shirts are from Land's End, and the boys comment on how incredibly soft they are.  I am hoping they will withstand bleaching because I'm sure there will be ketchup, paint, and ink coming home on them many days.  These pants were actually purchased impromptu at Walmart when I didn't have time to wait for an order from elsewhere, and they've actually held up fairly well.  The backpack slung over our redhead's shoulder is not L.L. Bean, and it is beginning to rip inside from being overstuffed the past two years.  I can't remember where I bought the black dress shoes.  They get handed down from one brother to the next, much to our youngest son's dismay.  Actually, he doesn't mind so much what he wears, as long as he's not getting hand-me-down Legos.

Our girls get a little more variety in their uniforms.  The blue oxford shirt, navy skirt, and plaid jumper are all from Land's End.  Our little one's white blouse is Genuine School Uniforms brand, and her white ballet flats are from Walmart.  Our teen's black ballet flats are Bongo brand from Kmart.  She usually only wears them on Mass days, so hopefully they will make it through the school year, if she doesn't outgrow them first.  Notice that she is not thrilled to have her picture taken so early in the morning.

Our youngest two were great sports about being photographed.

And they are off to another great start of a new school year and a new chapter of our lives.  All shirts here are from Land's End.  The skirt and skort are also from Land's End.  Shorts are from Old Navy and Flynn O'Hara.  Have a great first day, Kiddos!

Here's wishing all of you readers a wonderful start to a new school year as well!

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