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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy All Hallows Eve!

There is a lot of excitement at our farmhouse today.  We try to remind the little ones that Halloween is really All Hallows Eve as we get ready to celebrate All Saints' Day tomorrow and remember All Souls' Day on Monday.  Our house is filled with a flurry of activities this morning and afternoon, and our children are eagerly anticipating trick-or-treating tonight.

Our daughter made the last of the pumpkin spice jack-o-lantern candy.  I know the last thing we need today is more candy, but when else am I going to use these molds?

We baked caramel apple cupcakes and decorated some of them with caramel frosting.  When we ran out, we used up some leftover maple spice frosting for the remainder.

The children and their dad carved jack-o-lanterns.  I photographed.

Although, they mostly designed and carved the pumpkins themselves.  Yes, that is a nail sticking out of the one.  There is also a Minecraft creeper etched into the back of another.

Pumpkin seeds are currently being cleaned and roasted in the oven.  Only my husband has the patience to separate all the goo from the seeds.

I've been reading our Halloween books to our six year-old daughter.  She decorated the pumpkin and named it Norbert.

Some of us are just hanging out.

Have a safe and happy Halloween/All Hallows Eve!

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