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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fun Preppy Finds for the Winter

There seem to be so many preppy and plaid winter items in the stores right now.  For some unexplainable reason, I am absolutely crazy for plaid this year, especially tartan plaid.  The pillow above can be found at Target, but our local store has nearly sold out.

This is the back side of the woody wagon pillow.  It's not plaid, but it's close enough.  Thanks to Between Naps on the Porch blog for spreading the word about this, plus plaid bedding and boxwood wreaths found at Target right now.

I fell in love with this GAL blue and black plaid purse that I found at the BonTon.  There was a variety of red plaid bags in different sizes as well, but I was drawn to the blue.  

 I am loving plaid so much that I decided to decorate our house for Christmas in a burlap and plaid style this year.  I'm calling it a primitive preppy look.  This is just a sample of what I picked up at Michael's and Target the other day.  I've already started working on making new ornaments so when we get our tree the day after Thanksgiving, I will be ready.  The wide spool of ribbon is actually tartan plaid printed on burlap, and the smaller ribbon is a soft plaid flannel.  I lucked out and found the plaid balls with burlap ribbon fastened around them already, so I don't have to attempt to make my own.

I've got my eye on a few more plaid items.  I love the plaid canvas totes that Land's End is carrying.  I think I would actually carry one of those year-round.

Land's End is also carrying these down plaid vests, which I would wear all winter.  I'm fairly certain I also saw some at Macy's and BonTon.  I'll be looking for those when I'm out this evening with my hubby.

I'd also love to get one of these plaid throws to toss over the rocker that holds the deer/woody wagon pillow.  I've seen similar blankets at Macy's, but Land's End is having a terrific sale until the end of the day.

If anyone comes across a coffee mug with plaid monogrammed letters, please let me know.  Target has plaid mugs, and they have monogrammed mugs, but I haven't seen the two combined in one cup.

I'm off to try making some pumpkin spice smoothies that I found on Pinterest.  I've got to finish experimenting with all these fall and Thanksgiving creations before I think any more about Christmas.  Hope you all have a wonderful November weekend.

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