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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Lifestyle Blogging Against a Backdrop of World Terror

     I confess that I have struggled to write a post over the past two weeks.  With the ongoing slaughter in Syria and the Middle East, the recent attacks in Paris and Mali, and the serious threats of violence against our nation and others in the western world, I question whether or not I should write about something as trivial as my life.  Is it shallow to devote a few hours a week to describing my family's recent excursions, or the latest event on our farm, or decorating projects for Christmas, or a favorite recipe to share?  Should I take up space on the Internet with my seemingly small blessings and warm thoughts when there are so many atrocities occurring outside our door?  Is it right to display pictures of my family living in happiness and security and comfort when there are other families being ripped apart and running for their lives?  How do I reconcile these two opposite realities?

     What I've come to realize is that blogging has a way of motivating me to turn ideas and dreams into realities.  I believe those realities make our farmhouse a better place for my children and all those we share our lives with.  We are creating memories for the next generation, and I want those memories to be beautiful and full of love, joy, and peace---not war, terror, hatred, and fear.  My blogging actually helps me focus on those things I value most and that I want to fill our lives and our home with.  We are creating an oasis here, and I then chronicle that and share it with all of you through this blog.  I am not shutting my eyes to the horrors going on around us, but I am choosing to not fill our home, our lives, and our minds with it.

     So for now, I continue to blog about our family celebrating life, cooking for friends, enjoying nature, decorating our farmhouse in every season, and being grateful for what blessings God has given us.  But I also pray, fervently, every day for the protection of the innocent, comfort for the suffering, peace to a world filled with turmoil, and wisdom for our world leaders.  And if my blog is meant to be about something greater and more important than our family life in a preppy mountain farmhouse, then I trust my heart will know.

     God bless. and may you all have a safe and special Thanksgiving.


  1. Well said Denice. Against the backdrop of upheaval, terror and genuine human suffering, it is vital that we each remember and acknowledge all the blessings in our lives. And there are ALWAYS blessings. Your blog is one of mine. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

    1. Thank you so much for that, Mary. May your family also have a Thanksgiving full of blessings.


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