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Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Whirlwind of a Weekend

What a weekend!  From a visit from the tooth fairy to hurricane simulators to book fairs and a kickoff for Catholic Schools Week, a lot was squeezed into a few short days.

The excitement in our family began when our youngest lost her front tooth at school (with some help from a teacher) and the tooth fairy visited early Friday morning.  Our daughter not only left her tooth on the windowsill Thursday night (it's too difficult here to locate a tooth under a pillow), but she also left a post-it note and marker so the tooth fairy could write to her.  In addition, there was a mystery bag filled with something white and squishy.  When I inquired about it, she said it was a cotton ball soaked in water so the tooth fairy can clean her tooth more thoroughly.  I love the imagination and wonder of this little girl.  I'm not looking forward to all our little ones growing out of this stage of life.

Friday afternoon the children and I took my future daughter-in-law shopping, and then we met my husband, his parents, and our grown son at a local brewery/restaurant to celebrate his 23rd birthday.  We had lots of food, sampled some good beer, and had some fun looking through a stack of baby pictures of our eldest son that his grandmother found in a trunk at her house.  He looked so much like one of his younger brothers when he was little, and he is looking so much like a younger version of his dad now.

Saturday morning we got up and drove out of town to their cousin's birthday party that was held at the Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts in Harrisburg, PA.  What a fun, interactive, educational place to spend hours on a Saturday afternoon.  Our children were all over the place, but the most popular area seemed to be the hurricane simulator where you could walk in and experience 91 mph winds and have your hair and belongings blown all over the place.  Since I had actually spent time styling and spraying my hair that morning, I passed, but my kids went in there over and over again.  I couldn't get any good photos because they were constantly moving and every picture was blurry, I'm sad to say.

Our youngest isn't just a tooth fairy fan; she's also an artist.  She took up a lot of time on this piece of graffiti art that I was surprised to find later.  She's still young enough to write something like this in front of a bunch of little boys and not be at all embarrassed.  Those little boys waiting in line behind her were quite patient because she took that spot for a very long time.

After getting home late Saturday night and dropping into bed, we awoke early Sunday morning to get to Church to kick off the beginning of Catholic Schools Week.  Two of our children sang with the choir at Mass, and then while my husband and kids had doughnuts and drinks, I helped out at the school's Scholastic Book Fair.  My job was to answer questions, tidy up, and bring out more items.  We'll all be there numerous times throughout the week.  After the book fair and open house shut down for the day, three of us returned to Church for a second Mass because two of our sons were scheduled to be altar servers.

When we left the second Mass at 1:00, the sun was shining and the temperature was in the fifties.  Our foot and a half of snow and ice from Jonas was melting away.  Even though we had homework and studying and laundry and blogging, we had to get out in this beautiful, spring-like weather.

The boys got out their bikes while the rest of us walked behind with our beagle...

...and one of our cats tagged along too.  Sometimes all four of our felines walk behind us and cry when we get to the bridge that they don't like to cross.

Even our older daughter pulled herself away from Pinterest long enough to start training for spring track which will begin in a month.  What a change this busy warm weekend turned out to be from the last when we were all snowed in up here with Jonas.

I can't wait to see what February brings.

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