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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Goats' Milk Vanilla Pudding: Like Nothing You'll Find in a Store

I am so thrilled to have goat kids on our farm again, and with them comes an abundance of delicious goats' milk.  Just warning you that there will be a number of recipes and how-to sessions on creating all kinds of dairy products from goats over the next few months.  This vanilla pudding recipe doesn't take too much time and does not compare to any of the ready-made puddings or boxed mixes from the grocery store.  Cows' milk will work in this recipe too, of course, but I do think the milk from our Nigerian Dwarf goats is richer and creamier than any other milk I've had. 

Vanilla Pudding
(adapted from Better Homes & Gardens New CookBook)
In a medium saucepan combine 1 cup sugar, 4 tablespoons cornstarch, and 1/2 teaspoon salt. 

Stir in 4 cups of goat milk.  Cook and stir over medium heat till thickened and slightly bubbly.  (This takes awhile.  You might want to read a book while you stir.)  

Remove from heat while you gradually stir about 2 cups of the hot mixture into 4 beaten egg yolks.  (Don't use the egg whites because they leave little clumps of cooked egg in the pudding.)  Return all that to the pot and cook and stir for 2 more minutes.  It should be quite thick now.  Remove from heat, and add 1 Tablespoon vanilla and 4 Tablespoons of butter.  Stir until the butter is melted.

Pour into a bowl, and cover the surface with plastic wrap.

You want the plastic wrap right against the pudding to prevent a thickened film from forming on the top.  Don't stir it again, but just put it into the refrigerator to chill.  My family actually likes it warm too.  Either way it's sooo good.

Add toppings if you like.  We've topped with berries, whipped cream, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, and sprinkles.  Tonight we used my friend's homemade salted caramel sauce warmed up.  I still need to get that recipe from her.  Bananas and vanilla wafers or crumbled graham crackers taste great in this, as does cooked rice.  But we also really like it plain.

Run out to your local farmers' market or goat dairy this week and pick yourself up some goat's milk and give this a try.  Or better yet, I highly recommend purchasing yourself a couple of miniature goats to keep as pets and grass cutters, and you'll have your own fresh milk right outside your door.  I'll save my milking tales for another day.

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  1. I am drooling!! I would probably eat the whole bowl!! Have a great week!!


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