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Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence Day @ Our Preppy Mountain Farm

Like many of you in the Northeast, our actual 4th of July was rather cool, cloudy, and then rainy.  But the rest of our weekend was great, with the exception that Hubby was on call.  Our Teen Baker made these yummy patriotic cupcakes to take to our eldest son's house Sunday for a cookout.  I'm not sure how other bloggers get some of their shots, but my best ones were taken with me standing on top of our picnic table, straddling the cupcakes.  Looks like it's time for another pedicure.

While the children took turns on this gigantic rope swing, I got the pleasure of touring a 250 year old stone farmhouse with its many huge fireplaces, beautiful wide plank floors, and original doors and narrow colonial staircases.  It was like going back in time to colonial America...just as good as our trip to Williamsburg last summer.

On Saturday we took care of some things on our little farm.  A lot of our herbs are ready for use, including the chamomile above...

...and my lavender.  We snipped a bunch, along with some lemon mint, to dry for tea in the future.

Last year our black cat took his afternoon naps on my rosemary plant and killed it.  This one has taken to sleeping in this wooden barrel on our patio filled with chickens and hens.  I'm not sure this is their real name; it's what my great grandmother always called them, and these were her favorite plants.

My husband was busy finishing construction on our fourth chicken tractor, having to be creative and make something out of materials on hand because I refuse to invest much more into the farm.  This one is light enough to pull around, unlike our first chicken tractor.  It's also too heavy to flip over during a storm like tractor #2 did.  I think this resembles a Conestoga wagon, so I guess our chicks are now pioneer poultry.  Maybe some day we'll have one of those beautiful French chalets for our hens, but for now they will have to settle for a mobile home.

I think they're happy to be in their new home; although, they looked a bit culture shocked at first.  After spending their first month in a trough in our dining room, and the next 6 weeks in our garage, this is their first time outside in the grass, fresh air, and sunlight.  We're hoping they make a dent in the Japanese beetle and tick population, which are way too large this summer.

We also spent some time hanging out with our goats and sheep.  There's no question that this doe is very pregnant.  We'll have another batch of little ones soon.

We didn't make it to any fireworks this year, much to my children's disappointment, but we did have the most spectacular sunset Saturday night.  It was just as beautiful as any explosives, and way more quiet. 

I'd love to hear how you all spent your Independence Day.  Any recipes you care to share?  I'm in need of some new picnic dishes to try.

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