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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Another Pinterest Pallet Board Project

I find myself drawn toward rustic wood and pallet board wall hangings these days.  After being inspired by a pin on Pinterest, I decided to try making one myself.  The project cost less than $13, and it only took a couple of hours to construct.  All materials were purchased at Michael's, but my husband told me if I want pallet boards, he has a mess of them left over from a deconstructed goat shelter.  Hmmm, I wonder how much scrubbing and disinfecting it would require for me to hang any of those in or on our house?

I didn't have my own pattern, just a pin on my tablet, so I drew my own pumpkin on scrap paper, and then traced around it onto the wood.  Once that was done, I used a sponge brush and some white acrylic paint and gave the pumpkin one coat out back on our picnic table.  Then I took Tippy for a walk while I waited for the paint to dry.  Afterwards, I brought it inside and used my ancient glue gun to glue twine-looking ribbon (the same kind I used to hang ornaments at Christmas) around the pumpkin and to fill inside.  This I did while watching a couple of episodes of Gilmore Girls with my teenagers.  When I was finished, I thought it looked too plain.  I was contemplating adding some silk fall leaves around it, but my kids thought that would junk it up, so I lightly shaded the pumpkin with my daughter's orange colored pencil to give it just a hint of orange.  My boys couldn't understand why it wasn't orange in the first place.  For some reason, I like all the white pumpkins this year.  I wish we had planted some.

This is the first autumn decoration I have hung, and it has finally replaced the old wreath on the front porch.  It didn't turn out as nice as the one on Pinterest, but really nothing I make ever does.  For $13, a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon, and watching the characters in Stars Hollow put on a danceathon while I crafted, I am satisfied.

What fall Pinterest pins are you trying this month?

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