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About Me

I am Preppy Mountain Farmer.   I am a mother of a moderately large family, and after spending 16 years in a preppy suburban town in the South, we now live in a century-old farmhouse on the side of a mountain in the Alleghenies.  We began hobby farming 5 years ago, and I immersed myself in homesteading tasks and homeschooling our 5 youngest children.  One day a couple of years ago, I woke up and knew that I didn't want to spend all day every day preserving food from our gardens, making all our meals from scratch, doing laundry by hand, and a multitude of other very time-consuming tasks.  I needed balance in my life.  I wanted to host parties on this serene property instead of just raise livestock on it, to dress in classic, tailored outfits and feel elegant instead of exhausted, to have fun as a family instead of just work all the time on the farm, to decorate this charming farmhouse instead of simply clean the dust and cobwebs, and to maybe even do something creative just for the love of it instead of always being practical.

My post from May 16 summarizes this transition: Blame it on Charlotte's Web: How a Preppy Girl Ended Up with a Farm.

I have spent years looking for other households who are doing something similar. I found homesteading blogs and farming blogs.  I found preppy blogs, fashion blogs, and decorating blogs.  I found blogs of large families and blogs of Catholic moms.  I found blogs about bloggers, writers and teachers.  But I never found blogs of families who were all of these things combined.  That's when Preppy Mountain Farmhouse was born.  I am trying to achieve a balance of all these facets of our life and share with you how we do it.  It's not perfect, and it's not always very photogenic, but it's honest. If you want a glimpse into a hobby farming, mountain living, large Catholic family with a mom who yearns to decorate, dress, write, and entertain with preppy style, this is your blog.  It is full of our original photos and how-to tips and accomplishments and some failures too.

Welcome to the Preppy Mountain Farmhouse.


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