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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Buried: Snow Covered Dreams

Snowstorm Stella came, and she didn't disappoint.  The children are having their second snow day this week, and we are in the midst of digging ourselves out from under the biggest snowfall we've seen since we moved back up North eleven years ago.

The snow was past the knees of our little ones yesterday morning.

It was up past my knees yesterday afternoon.

We had to shovel out doors and vehicles and animals.

It continued to snow a bit through the night, and the children can now crouch in the shoveled paths and let the wind blow the snow right over the tops of them.  They say they're crawling in the trenches.

This snow has covered outdoor benches, picnic tables, patio chairs, and most of our chicken tractor.  You can barely see where the front porch begins because the snow is higher than the steps and nearly level with the porch floor.

Other than driving our daughter to the orthodontist later today, I'm staying inside, content to watch the blowing, drifting snow through our farmhouse windows.  I'm feeling rather contemplative and am re-reading some books on discovering and living your dreams.  Like the daffodils that had sprouted a few inches but are now covered with two feet of snow, I think the dreams of my younger self have been buried for years under decades of birthing, nursing, and mothering young children.  I can feel the seasons of my life changing though, transitioning and morphing into something new that I want to more clearly see and define.

Just as clearing paths in this snow helps us find what was buried underneath, I find myself needing to uncover dreams from long ago that got put on the back burner because my family needed so much of me for so many years.  Even though life is still full of activities and responsibilities and obligations, and our farmhouse is full of children and life and growth, there are now some nooks and crannies of my day that are free for me to dream again.  I can take out those buried dreams and brush them off and pursue them again, or I can dream up something new.  I'm more aware than I've ever been that I've still probably got half of my life to live, and I don't want to waste it all on mindless tasks, errands and shopping, and social media consumption.  I want to make sure I am living purposefully, and that is what I'm pondering these days.  

Nelson Mandela said it better than I:
"What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.  It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead." 

I'm praying that all of you hit by Stella are finding your way out of the mounds of snow today, and I'm hoping that all of you readers everywhere are living your dreams to the fullest.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Visit From Jonas This Weekend

I know many of us had a visitor named Jonas this weekend.  For us, it was a rare weekend where we didn't have to go anywhere, my husband wasn't on call, and we were expecting no other company.  Since it's already late January, and we'd only received a few inches of snow this winter, we were excited at our house and hopeful that we would get at least half a foot.

This sign I drew for our front porch expressed our sentiments as we went to bed Friday night.  The forecast said we might receive anywhere from 1 inch to 10 inches over the next day or so.

We awoke Saturday morning to a winter wonderland of a foot of snow!

It continued to snow throughout the day Saturday.  The snow got higher and higher until the winds started blowing it around.

It was rather pointless to shovel driveways or paths until late in the afternoon.

All of our children spent a great part of the day outside building forts, throwing snowballs, eating snowflakes, and...


Lots and lots of sledding.

Even Hubby got in on the action by making paths and sledding too.  He made me promise I wouldn't post any photos of him on the sled though.  It's too bad because those were some of my best pictures.  Sigh...

By the end of the day, we got somewhere between 14 and 16 inches, as far as we could tell.

We woke up this Sunday morning to the sun shining through the pine trees and glistening on the snow.

And the sky was this breathtaking blue.

Snowstorm Jonas was a perfect visitor for us this weekend, and he didn't disappoint.  Our prayers go out, however, to all those stranded on the turnpike, who lost electricity and heat, and to those families who lost loved ones due to the storm.  Here in the Alleghenies, while we did get a whopper of a snowstorm, we were spared the absolute worst of it and were able to enjoy our visitor and a day of being snowed in at home.

I'd love to hear stories from those of you who also met Jonas this weekend.  How did you spend these three days?